Shop for chickens

Chickens for sale

We have chickens for sale throughout the year, depending on what has been hatched on the farm during the year. Depending on the time of year we are prepared to attempt to hatch to order if you are interested in a particular breed. See the Feistyfowl Rare Breed Chickens page for our breed list.

Prices  £25 per bird once the sex has been established.

Hatching eggs for sale

During spring and summer months we sell hatching eggs, and all breeds will be available at some point during the season, depending on which we have put into the breeding pens. If you are interested in a particular breed we can usually arrange this.

Eggs for sale

We also sell eggs from the farm gate, and although I'm biased they really are the best eggs I have ever tasted. It is great fun choosing which egg to eat every morning as we have so many colours - white, speckled, green, blue, dark brown and many shades in between.