Feistyfowl Rare Breed Chickens

The Feistyfowl rare breed chicken collection began with Ian & Janet's daughter Jen Berry having the idea that a few rare breed hens would be a nice addition to the general farm flock ... we now have about 8 pure breeds and a some hybrids including Exchequer Leghorns,  Cream Legbars,   Marans, Silver laced Partridge Pekin Bantams, Gold laced Partridge Pekin Bantams, Chocolate Pekin Bantams, Swedish flower hens (Millefleur)and Shetlands . We have a cross between Cream Legbar and Maran which we call Marsbars.  They lay olive green eggs. We also have Welsh Harlequin ducks    Click here if you are interested in buying Cockerels,hens or eggs.

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The Maran hens are most notable for their lovely large dark brown eggs, and are good layers. They are classed as a heavy breed and one of our Marans is top of the free range flock pecking order. We have Cuckoo coloured Marans in our flock.

Cream Legbars

These pretty hens are consistent layers of pale sky blue eggs of a good size. The Cream Legbar's crest and blue eggs show their historic origins from the Araucana breed. They are an auto sexing breed, which means that cockerels and hens can be identified as soon as they hatch. We have crossed the Cream Legbar and Maran to produce our own "Marsbar" hybrid, which lays olive eggs.

Shetland or Galleon hens with Araucana origins

The first historical record of the breed is in the 1880s where it was discovered being raised by the Araucana Indians, thence its name. However, it is believed that on his trip around the world in 1519 Ferdinand Magellan stopped in the Santa Lucia Bay and stocked his ships with fowl from the Guarani Indians who are believed to be related to the Araucana Indians who possessed the Araucana fowls.

It is reported that after the Armada, a Spanish galleon was shipwrecked off the coast of the Shetland Islands and the hens went ashore with the crew.  The survivors from these hens are still kept on a rare breed farm on Shetland.  We have now got a small number hatched from the eggs of the Shetland hens.

The hens are multicoloured from black with additions of other coloursed feathers, but all have the typical bouffant hair style. They are placid in nature and lay reasonably well. The eggs are pastel, lime green.

Blue and Splash Pekin Cockerels
Black Pekin Hen

Lavender Pekin Bantam

The Lavender Pekin Bantam is a small bird, with feathery feet.  They are reputed to be good broodies,  Ours have proved to be good mothers.

Exchequer Leghorn Cockerels

Exchequer  Leghorns are less common than the white coloured variety, which is one of the most popular commercial egg laying strains worldwide. Our Exchequer Leghorns have proven to be trouble free birds, laying a good sized white egg, with good hatching rates.


Marsbar is our name for  a cross between a Cream Legbar and a Maran and lays Olive green eggs.  It has a variable size bouffant hairstyle.  A child once asked if they laid chocolate eggs.